Funding Priorities

 The Children’s Services Council of Okeechobee County has set the following funding priorities for the request for proposal process:

Substance Abuse Prevention

Problem:  It is the perception of this Council that Okeechobee County children and youth are readily exposed to drugs and alcohol at an early age level.

Target:  Education programs, counseling to target children, youth involved in or at- risk for substance abuse, including educating community.  Case management programs involving children or youth returning from a substance abuse treatment facility.  Some crisis intervention should be provided.

Abuse/Neglect Prevention

Problem:  This Council perceives the need for a more pro-active approach to reduce child abuse.

Target:  Parenting education, child protective services, foster care, quality day care and extended day care with family involved educational programs directed toward prevention of child abuse/neglect and early identification of at-risk children.  Some crisis intervention should be provided.

Bully Prevention Programs:

Problem: The Children Services Council is aware that children in Okeechobee experience problems with bullying.  Not only being bullied by peers, but also being the bully.  Many experiences are face-to-face, but there is also a significant rise in cyber bullying.

Target:  Programs that address either the intervention techniques for this child being bullied or alternative strategies that will teach the bully to understand their consequences of hurting others will be acceptable activities in this priority.